Honda CB 350 Noir

This rare 4-cylinder 350 came to us from Holland. Designed along with its bigger brother CB 550. Both motorcycles were to be thoroughly classic and elegant.

After the inspection, 350 needed comprehensive engine overhaul and replacement of all consumable parts. We decided to weld out of scratch the new exhaust manifolds which together with the original exhausts create a perfect diehard but not a coarse sound duo.

There was no room for protruding electric cables, so most of the wiring is hidden under the tank and the seat. In the hand-made seat cowl there is a place for sports Shorai battery, as well as for a discreet slot where multifunction rear lights are placed.

The frame and wheels, after sandblasting, were covered with graphite powder coat, patented by DeutscheBahn. As the only contact of the motorcycle with the asphalt, we chose Firestone Champion tires. Whereas, the contact of the driver with the motorcycle are the adjustable handlebars by Tomaselli with handmade grips covered with original leather by Mercedes 300SL Guldwing. The matching leather was used to upholster the seat. As the place for our signature, we chose a handmade, polished stainless steel air filter, ash cube with logotype of Unikat has been mounted right beside it. After all the treatments, we managed to slim down the 350 by 21kg. In our opinion, this is the most sexy cafe racer we have ever built

Year of build1975