BMW K100 Hellboy

The client wrote to us that he has two BMW K100 to customize. He wanted them to be cafe racers with a modern twist.

The first thing after dismantling plastic fairings and unnecessary garbage, we drew a new shape of a subframe in PhotoShop. The main idea for this project was the motto „black on black" - black frame, black engine, black wheels. Designing it, we focused on plain geometric divisions, such as an extended line of the fuel tank. Carbon sides, split into two independent triangular parts, covering the wiring and the rest of the components.

Unattractive vents and cooler sides we also decided to hide under the deft fairings made out of carbon fiber.

The shape of the seat refers to the classic seat cowl with geometric sharply linear stitching, which allows to take a passenger along. The low and narrow clip on handlebars forces the driver to adopt a bent and sporty driving position. Koso speedometer has been embedded near the top shelf, covered with a carbon fairing that falls down to the head light. Original ignition has been moved onto the shelf as well.

The rear has multifunction modern L.E.D. tail light, whereas smoked, geometric miniature turn signals are mounted at the head. The whole bike is black with screws as silver accents and brushed logo of Unikat on the fuel tank.