Kawasaki W650 Joy

Kawasaki W650 - the whole story began with love, but not just for motorcycles... So one man decided to make a birthday gift to his better half. It jus happened that for this challenging task he picked our shop. In this case, we not only wanted to rebuilt the bike, but also we had to make every effort to select sound base that won’t let down the future owner - the choice fell on a classic model Kawasaki W650.

Usually, during the project we are cooperating directly with the rider of the motorcycle. This situation was totally different. We have received a whole bunch of information regarding the future owner of the Kawasaki, what she likes to do on a daily basis, where she works, what music she listens to, what designer labels she likes and with what kind of things she surrounds herself. Honestly, we have to admit that this was a real challenge both for us, and for Marcin, who wanted to fulfill a dream of his beloved.

As a result, we have built cafe racer with classic lines. Even though designed for a woman, we didn't want it to look too girlie. We started with the reconstruction of the frame. Our goal was to create a motorcycle for the so-called "person and a half" - a cafe racer, which at first glance looks like for a single rider. However, we did not want to deprive this unique couple of the opportunities for joint rides.

Then we got down to the alteration of the fuel tank, seat, and high-end suspension. Because it was suppose to be a project as unique as its owner, which is why we reached for the parts and accessories of the highest quality - front light, speedometer, switches, mirrors, as well as turn lights and tires - came from leading manufacturers and craftsmen in the field of motorcycle and customization. The whole design we discreetly decorated with Swarovski's crystals and handmade grips. The cherry on top was the sound of this one of a kind and unique motorcycle from UNIKAT, which soon will be heard by the inhabitants of Warsaw.

ModelW 650
Year of build1980 - 2000