Triumph M.S.O 1/1

Right from the beginning, this project was uncompromising, same as its owner When we met with Michał for the first time, he knew exactly what he wanted - the motorcycle has to be amazing, with character, and unique. When it comes to the last requirement, there was no doubt - UNIKAT was the right place! That is the place, where we build motorcycles according to our philosophy "1of1."

Michał is a modern, confident man, who likes to surround himself with beautiful and exceptional items. He is not taking any shortcuts and puts quality above all, which has to go along with the design. During the process of signing an agreement, he asked whether the motorcycle will draw the attention of passersby. We were sure that it would...however, the final effect exceeded his wildest expectations.

This is how the rebuilding of the Triumpha Bonneville SE has started, which lasted less than six months. At the very beginning, Michał told us that the motorcycle should be gloomy and rakish. Easier said than done. Never before has so many visualisations ended up in a trash. We have created more than 20 different versions, but none of them appealed to Michał in 100%. Luckily, we finally hit the 10.

When we already had the outline of the motorcycle - for the joy of the UNIKAT team - Michał decided to exchange the aluminum castings. The choice fell on the Kineo spoked, tubeless wheels, where for the back wheel, we chose the widest option offered by the manufacturer of the Bonneville (size 5.50). These phenomenal wheels were equipped by us with the Heidenau Rain supermoto tyres.

Our work began with the preparation of a new sub frame, the relocation of the rear footrests and the seat, which will be ideal for the so-called, one and a half persons. Why such an unusual seat size? Thanks to this treatment we have gained the lightness of a single person motorcycle not limiting Michał to lone rides.

The next step was to give the rider a suitable position on the motorcycle, which was in line with Michał's expectations. For this we have chosen Fehling handlebars and Ohlins STX36P Blackline ultra lightweight shock absorbers with full adjustment. The whole is complemented by perfectly formed seat, leather upholstery is stiched with a gold thread, and footrests straight from the Italian factory Rizoma.

At this stage, we were fully aware that we are building this unique machine. That is why we could not afford any compromises. We have decided to use the Motogadget subassemblies... we used, among other things, an electronic Motoscope mini speedometer, m.blaze disc turn signals and m.rear 75 mirrors - mounted on the handlebars and a proximity m.lock switch. To emphasize the minimalist look of the handlebars, we mounted two m.switch mini switches, completing the rest with black parts from the Rizoma (clutch and brake handle and brake fluid tank). We also bought Motogadget soft grips, but they did not last long on a motorcycle - so, we replaced them with more comfortable and pleasant to touch leather ones made by us.

To finish up, we added the Highsider Atlanta LED lamp to our handcrafted mount, fitting in with the modern look of Triumph. It is known not since today that motorcycles rebuilt by the UNIKAT are unique ... and this time we did not disappoint! M.S.O 1/1 is roaring with a sport gurgle out of two exhaust pipes, and a good eye will see the flames of the burining mixture.

All of the parts and accessories mentioned above, are not only beautiful but also extremely lightweight (even aluminum front fender), so we slimmed this motorcycle down by about 15 kg.

Now it is time to share the riding experience. The entire team of UNIKAT wiped their eyes in surprise when after test drives we unanimously stated that Triumph was incredibly dynamic and rides like on rails. It can be boldly said that muscular and tuned Triumph M.S.O. is head and shoulder above his factory made brother. We hope that the new motorcycle will serve Michał well, and it will contribute to the beginning of a beautiful motorcycle passion.  

ModelM.S.O. 1/1
Capacity865 cc
Year of build2012
BaseBonneville SE
EngineFour stroke, parallel twin cylinder, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder