Honda XBR 500 Great Gatsby

Photos by Filip Sałapa

Our motorcycles are as unique as their owners and their tastes, so the description of this reconstruction begins with the words of Agata - the owner of the motorcycle:

"My friend introduced me to motorcycles and the culture of the Cafe Racer. Since he bought his Thruxton, I could not think of any other type of motorcycle anymore. Previously, I was interested in enduro, so the first idea was to get a scrambler. However, reviewing hundreds of designs of workshops from around the world, I decided to build a classic cafe racer - with a straight line, a short seat cowl, without unnecessary ornaments. I wanted it to be elegant, retro, and at the same time with a hint of modernity. And then, I came up with the idea to refinish it in the artdeco style - hence the name of the projectthe "Great Gatsby". I decided to build a motorcycle together with Wroclaw's workshop Unikat, because I really liked their projects and thephilosophy so far. Grzesiek Korczak enthusiastically picked up my idea and after almost 6 months, something that oncecame into my mind became real... "

We started with the search for a suitable base for this project. I was keen on the classic simplicity of the construction and the budget did not allow for renewal of antique CB550, to which Agata was referring. She also said that the motorcycle must be lightweight and that it must be aHonda. Additionally, it was supposed to have spoked wheels that would fit into the retro design, therefore, we were cudgeling our brains for quite some time figuring out how to combine all these requirements. Suddenly, almost as a godsend, we came across a Honda XBR500 in very good technical condition. As usual, rearranging the frame, changing the tank and the wheels constitute the lion's share of the project. The hardest thing to do was to create the seat cowl that matched the fuel tank, create a structure for this element and the seat and then to smoothly connect themall. Another important point was the production of side fairings that do not overload the motorcycle visually, so we were able to achieve that thanks to the stylishly designed openings with openwork mesh in the middle. Factory-made clip-ons fit perfectly our design, as well as, speedometers that only needed an accent in the form of golden borders. Golden borders continue with the light and levers. At the outline of the motorcycle, we have assembled the not-so flashy modern LED lighting, which makes the motorcycle body line unobstructed. Custom collectors with horizontally-drawn mufflers, refer to classic motorcycles and intensify the sleek XBR line.

Leather upholstery with gold thread and turn lights by Motogadget are a great finish resembling the jewelry of a lady. 

The matt black refinish that we decided to use became the perfect background for Grzegorz's artdeco ornaments. Done by El Balenko classic pinstriping gives the Great Gatsby even more unique taste and elegance. 

ModelXBR 500 Great Gatsby
Capacity499 cc
Year of build1987
BaseXBR 500
Engine1 - cylindrowy, chłodzony powietrzem, SOHC, RFVC, 4 zawory