Ducati GT 750 1974

This motorcycle started a new era in our workshop. "Why?," you ask. Because as UNIKAT, we have not only purchased and brought this collector’s motorcycle to Poland, but we have also served as an adviser and an investor.

Our regular customer - Rafał - who is also a good friend of ours, wanted to have a classic Ducati that would please his eye apart from the other motorcycles in his garage (Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, Honda etc.). For such a skillful rider, we could only provide two recommendations - the Ducati GT 750 or the Ducati 750 SS.

Are you curious why those two models? Of course due to historical reasons... the first one is the prototype of the 90-degree V-twin engine format of the Bologna factory and was the base for the legendary race track bike for Paul Smart - the Ducati 750 Imola, which won the 1972 Imola 200.

The second model of the Ducati 750 SS was built to commemorate this remarkable race track motorcycle and the victory of the Italian company.

After less than two weeks of tedious and thorough analysis of available models from around the world, we have found the best recommendation representing the right price, quality, and the condition of a motorcycle. You would have to see our faces when Rafał said on the phone: "Yes, let’s buy it!” In euphoria we folded up our sleeves and started to carry out the whole transaction and transport of the motorcycle to Poland. When the courier was taking it out of the van down the ramp here in Wroclaw, we trembled with fear not to damage anything. Closing the UNIKAT’s workshop at night, Grzesiek probably used all of the available chains and clamps to protect Ducati from potential thieves.

This story would certainly have ended here, but Rafał went a step further and proposed converting the motorcycle into a replica of the Ducati 750 SS - on one condition! All changes are to be reversible and we cannot, in any way, interfere with the frame construction (cutting, drilling, grinding). Frightened by such a difficult task, we have long wondered if it is possible. But we love challenges, and who can do it, if not us?

In the twinkling of an eye, we brought the original fairing of a SS model, and then we started the precise construction of the chassis, which was not only to be a support for the plastic, but also the place for fixing the headlight and the meters. Instead of the traditional handlebar, we mounted a chrome clip-ons by Fehling, bought another headlight that had to be much shallower, and then adjusted the entire wiring, brake cables, and brakes - having in mind the condition given by the owner "no irreversible changes and playing with the frame.”

Creating a seat and a seat cowl, was even more daunting. Unfortunately, commercially available SS parts do not fit the GT750. Luckily, our employee Leszek (legend of the Polish custom work), created a beautiful and proportionate solid out of a laminate, which perfectly fits the frame and mountings - without having to change them.

Replica built this way needed to be properly painted. Grzesiek was the one to give it a final touch, and with his design he made a perfect reference to the original Ducati GT750 colors. When all the items came back from the Custom Paint Shop, we started putting them together, slowly and carefully... After a few hours we saw a beautiful, classic motorcycle - time seemed to stand still, and we were all looking at it as one looks at the most beautiful woman in the world!

It was an incredible experience for which we would like to thank Rafał - not only for the opportunity to work on such a motorcycle as the Ducati GT750 but also for the confidence and belief in the team of UNIKAT Motorworks.            



Return of the Cafe Racers:


Model750 GT
Capacity748 cc
Year of build1974
EngineFour stroke, 90° "L" twin cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder
Max power57 HP at 7700 rpm