Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is. A unique masterpiece.

R18 with details in real silver and LITERALLY handcrafted exhausts.

For those who appreciate the highest quality, we have created a ‘bolt-on’ SET 1/1 for BMW R18, which allows you to install these beautiful exhausts (creating them takes over 100 hours of work), adjustable seat, minimalist license plate holder, stainless steel footrests without any harm to the original frame.

As perfectionists, we also have a set of rigs allowing you to lower the front lamp and speedometer – all for the perfect line.

Furthermore, we equipped this model with custom 18-inch wheels, custom-fitted fenders made by us, a drag bar handlebar, turn signals at the ends of the handlebar, mirrors made of polished steel, and 3-in-1 rear lights.

We covered the grips with natural leather – just like the seat.

The painters at Dreamworkers managed to capture the tone of the engine block to match the sides of the tank colorwise. However, we didn’t stop there 馃槈

To make it even more exclusive, we took on the challenge of covering the stripes with real silver flakes – they shine like other chrome parts. No paint can mimic this – they look amazing.

And you can order the exhausts for this model directly from us.


R18 U-Power for Sale

The motorcycle was modified on special order from BMW Motorrad Poland.

It fulfilled its purpose (including being presented at Motorrad Days in Berlin) and now it can be yours at a very attractive price.

The only configuration of its kind in the world:

– Unique bobber-style seat, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, upholstered in black leather

– Handmade exhaust tips that not only look stunning but also have a unique sound (catalog price 18,000 PLN),

– Unique side license plate mount that harmonizes with the lines of the rear swingarm,

– Accessory handlebar

– Chrome accessory wheels from Roland Sands Design (~20,000 PLN)

– Personalized emblems on the engine, and much, much more.


– Adaptive headlights

– Daytime running lights

– Hill Start Control (HSC)

– PRO headlight

– Heated grips

– Cruise control

– Reverse gear

– Alarm

Become the owner of a unique project and join an amazing community!

Motorcycle available immediately. To be viewed in our showroom!

Possibility of motorcycle delivery anywhere in the country!

Full VAT invoice 23%.

We offer our customers the option of leaving their motorcycle in exchange.

Feel free to contact us for a personalized offer!

BMW R18 Concept Delivered

We took on a daring challenge of transforming the BMW R18 to make the motorcycle functional, safe, and at the same time, exceptional. In this endeavor, the devil is in the details, and these details bring the motorcycle closer to the conceptual version.

We created a complete ‘bolt-on’ kit that allows approaching the ideal and safely navigating the roads of Europe.

The so-called ‘Bobber KIT by 1/1’ includes handmade exhausts, a seat, license plate holder, footrests, and other details.

“When the BMW R18 concept was presented in March 2019, the motorcycle world held its breath, and potential customers reached for their wallets and phones to call their leasing advisors. Although two more concepts were later presented, differing from the one at Villa d’Este, it didn’t stop importers from accepting deposits, and customers – from paying them blindly, without knowledge of the final version of the model.”

For more information, visit:

BMW R100 Retromod

This classically styled R100 has been rebuilt to ensure that nothing disrupts its ‘retro look.’ However, a discerning eye will notice that we dedicated a lot of time to it.

Starting from the subframe and seat, through the fenders, mirrors, turn signals, grips, and ending with the digital speedometer – everything is consistent with the style of this youngtimer.

Looks aren’t everything, so we also replaced the ‘vintage’ braking system with an efficient set from the new GS.

We love timeless style and modern technological solutions.

Ride on!

BMW x Porsche = UNIKAT

Nutmeg Brown Metallic is an iconic Porsche color.

Micha艂, already a friendly client of ours,was determined from the beginning. We added golden accents to enhance and energize this paint job. Additionally, we suggested the inclusion of a ‘plow’ type tuning fairing, which contributes to a sporty character.

The next stages of the project involve stitching the upholstery 脿 la Lamborghini, installing leather grips, adjustable levers, LED lighting, and transforming ALL silver elements to black.

An exceptionally lightweight and great-sounding exhaust from the Italian manufacturer ZARD, of which we are the importer, plays a significant role.

For more details and specifications of this beautiful machine, feel free to contact us via email.

BMW R Nine T Cafe

BMW R Nine T Cafe


The motorcycle made by us for us. The base was the police version of the BMW R850 RT. Since the motorcycle was created out of a pure desire to build a unique machine, unhindered by visions, we gave free rein to our fantasies. Today, this equipment is available for purchase at one of our auctions.

The scope of modifications includes:

– R65 tank with a compartment for traveler accessories (Victorinox knife, mini flashlight, and compass)

– New seat construction with natural leather and unique stitching, leather hand-woven grips

– Removed the original airbox, installed a sporty K&N filter to increase power

– Hand-built, steel unique front fender

– Fully adjustable sport Bitubo shock absorber

– Rebuilt fuel system with aluminum

– Fully LED lighting

– Unique custom exhaust system with a bassy muffler

– Electronic speedometer with MOTOGADGET controls integrated into the tank

– New brake discs, pads, and repair kits, custom steel-braided hoses

– New battery in a custom compartment under the swingarm lowering the center of gravity

– New clutch discs, V-belt, and driveshaft seal

– The entire engine and drivetrain sandblasted and painted black with high-temperature paint

– New spokes and freshly laced wheels

– Custom wiring harness

– EVERY screw replaced with a new one or in new zinc coating

– Metallic paint with golden grain

Call us: +48 734 422 926

BMW R nine T

We met Bartosz during the Motorrad Days in Zieleniec. He approached our creations with enthusiasm, and less than two weeks later, his R9T was in our workshop. The modifications undertaken by UNIKAT included the 719 edition with spoked, tubeless wheels, milled engine covers, and many other accessories.

The scope of UNIKAT’s modifications included, among others:

– Red lacquering of the brake calipers

– Removal of subframe brackets to achieve a lighter motorcycle silhouette

– Installation of the DR. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust with electronically controlled throttle, allowing a sound compliant with regulations or a racing tone at the push of a button

– Ceramic coating on the exhaust headers

– Side mounting for the license plate

– Rear lighting and turn signal reduction

– Seat upholstery with Alcantara and stitching

– Change of suspension and body plastics color to black

BMW R18 Pure Gold

Pawe艂 bought the motorcycle shortly after its nationwide premiere, making him the first owner of this model in the country. As a fan of two-wheelers, he decided to personalize his BMW as a birthday present to himself.

For the project, we used the bobber kit that UNIKAT Motorworks specifically prepared for the BMW R18 model:

– Fully adjustable bobber-style seat, upholstered in natural leather

– Kellermann 3-in-1 rear lights

– Ducktail-style rear fender

– Handmade exhausts with a unique sound (available in chrome and black ceramic versions)

– Side license plate holder

– Drag bar handlebar

– New paint job with gold elements

– Classic Shinko tires

– MotoGadget mirrors and turn signals

– Kellerman rear lighting

If you like the exhausts, we can make them for you too!

BMW R80 1979

This is a very personal project for me. As a former filmmaker, the artist community is still close to me. One of them is Bartek Prokopowicz, a distinguished film director, with whom I got to know only during this production, but we quickly caught a friendly “flow”.

Bartek, as a great fan of cars and motorcycles, has always dreamed of a classic Bavarian boxer. His budget was limited, so we had to look for clever solutions.

One of the cheapest donors on the market at the time was the 1979 R80 in the British Police configuration!

In the motorcycle, incl. we have made:

– we have protected the natural patina and erosion of the engine covers

– we have eliminated all mechanical problems

– new frame end and seat structure

– hand-polished stainless steel silencers

– we installed a minimalist, electronic Motogadget speedometer

– a new front lamp with a warm light color

– we have hidden 3-in-1 LED rear lights with turn signals under the seat

– new leather upholstery

– the motorcycle has custom antiqued aluminum fenders

R18 Great Wave


A project co-created with the Wroc艂aw BMW dealer Team D艂ugo艂臋ka for the nationwide BMW dealer custom contest.

The Great Wave took 2nd place!

After the tour (including stops at the Hall of Fame and Motorrad Days in Berlin), it can finally find a home in a private garage (or a showroom, office, gallery鈥攚herever you dream of!). Interested parties, please contact us by phone or email.

The motorcycle features a patinated paint job, giving it the appearance of a vehicle found in a barn after several decades. We entrusted this painting technique to the best artist in Poland, 艁ukasz Elbalenko. In homage to Japanese culture and art, we chose the motif of The Great Wave off Kanagawa鈥攐ne of the most recognizable works of Japanese art by Hokusai, created around 1831.

For the project, we used the bobber kit that UNIKAT Motorworks specifically prepared for the BMW R18 model:

– Fully adjustable bobber-style seat, upholstered in natural leather

– Kellermann 3-in-1 rear lights

– Ducktail-style rear fender

– Handmade exhausts with a unique sound (available in chrome and black ceramic versions)

– Side license plate holder

– Classic Shinko tires with a very high profile and a distinctive zig-zag tread pattern

– Modern, LED, and minimalist lighting

– Front turn signals integrated into the handlebar ends

– Mirrors made of polished steel (non-glass) with EU homologation

and many other details…

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