We offer a full range of motorcycle service services for all types and brands of motorcycles. We particularly enjoy working on BMW, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Indian, and ADV group vehicles.
We prepare motorcycles for the season and after the season, carry out routine (including challenging) repairs, and perform periodic inspections.
We perform work necessary for the maintenance and restoration of vintage motorcycles to a usable condition. In our portfolio, we have collector's gems on a global scale.
Our mechanics – well-known in the motorcycle community – are highly knowledgeable, backed by years of experience.
Motorcycles are an integral part of each of our employees' lives. It has been our passion since childhood.
The workshop is run by motorcyclists and for motorcyclists.
The workshop is run by motorcyclists and for motorcyclists. Ask about the possibility of garage storage outside the season.
We have appropriate tooling and a large network of industry contacts.
We collaborate with the largest suppliers of OEM parts and aftermarket parts, as well as consumables.
We guarantee the reliable completion of orders. Additionally, the workshop is insured against fires, accidents, and theft.
We also offer door-to-door motorcycle transport within Wroclaw and throughout Poland.

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