125 CCM

Honda Monkey 125

For Wojciech Honda, was first adventure with a motorcycle. Starting from a dream and search for its contractor, he accidentally found the UNIKAT Motorworks workshop. The client had a clearly defined project and, as he says, we met his expectations in 100%.

The scope of modification includes:

– high ape hanger handlebars with mirrors at the end

– minimalistic front LED indicators

– fuel tank relocation

– a completely new design of the subframe

– K&N sport conical air filter

– modified bass exhaust system

– driver’s bobber footrests used from Harley-Davidson

– rear suspension from Harley-Davidson

– a completely modified electrical system

– including relocation of the battery, hiding most of the installations and sensors under the fuel tank

– custom rear fender with rear lighting

– side license plate mount with LED backlight

– a leather sofa with a structure adapted to the new frame

– leather hand braided shifters

– UNIKAT’S, black matte/gloss varnishing

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