There is no single “best” motorcycle. Many are beautiful, fast, reliable, comfortable to use, having completely different functions and form. You would like to have them all...

If you are reading this, it means that, like me, you are a gearhead. UNIKAT Motorworks is the apple of my eye, my passion, and I want to share what is the best.

Everything I know about the modern world, business and motorcycles makes me believe in this concept without question.
I will develop the workshop with a closed, elite club based on portfolio shares. No more than 100 seats will be available as shares and 11 seats will be reserved for honorary members – prominent personae in the automotive world, important to the history of Unikat Motorworks. I believe that limiting the number of shares (like bitcoin) will increase the value of memberships, motorcycles and ultimately we will all benefit from this.

The plan is as follows:

We sell a minimum of 1% of shares per member, who become shareholders in the Portfolio – its assets (today – motorcycles). 1% gives 3 days per year of use for each of the motorcycles that Unikat owns. The motorcycle portfolio will change/increase depending on your expectations / our suggestions. At the moment these are 3 machines:

• The impressive Purest Cafe Racer based on the Triumph Bobber Black 1200ccm

• The unprecedented 1/1 Scrambler based on the BMW R 850

• The collectible vintage cruiser with panniers and radio – Honda CB900 C 1981.

If one chooses, one can buy more shares and have proportionally more days.

Club membership means:

  • the opportunity to use a portfolio of Unique motorcycles.
  • priority in service and maintenance of your personal motorcycles.
  • participation in premieres and other elite events that we will organize.
  • access to contacts of other club members (who, I assure you, will be worth getting to know and may be helpful in your personal or professional life).
  • participation in an annual convention – a several-day long celebration somewhere in an iconic location (e.g., a visit to the Brought-Superior factory and test drives, a trip to Wheels and Waves, drag races, brushing up your driving skills in Monaco...)
  • influence on the motorcycles being built/purchased for the club. After talking with you, we will create a list and through online voting you will decide on the next purchases of collectible machines. And then you will ride them!
  • the opportunity to sell your shares with a profit.
  • the opportunity to winterize private machines in our garage (for a fee)
  • transportation of private machines door2door, detailing (for a fee)
  • moto-consierge, that is help with buying, selling, test drives...

Mutual benefit:

Unikat’s mechanics will know club members' motorcycles better so we will take care of the machines in the best possible way.
we will thoroughly explore and take care of the club's collectible machines
the cost of servicing or repairing private machines will stay at arm's length but we will get to know your expectations better and have more attention for regular customers
this will be the first club of this kind in this part of Europe, which will certainly not go unnoticed in the press and media and thus raise the prestige of the members, the company and the Unikat machines you already own or will build in the future.
Access to a diverse array of machines with minimal in-house costs and no maintenance responsibilities.
If, over time, we decide that a particular machine in the portfolio can be sold we will try to monetize it optimally and invest the profit in new machines

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