The way we work

We work as our customers expect us to. We are flexible, we can customize motorcycles that you already own or hunt for a vintage base on the aftermarket throughout Europe. We assist you in selecting the right base for your intended project. We can suggest suitable motorcycle models, point out their advantages and disadvantages to meet your needs and budget. We present the dependencies in customizing vintage, contemporary and brand new motorcycles. On request, we can help you buy, inspect and transport your motorcycle.

Converting a motorcycle is a very complex and time-consuming process, in some cases we even have to rebuild the vehicle from scratch. Therefore, in our studio we try to divide projects into two categories:

  • Comprehensive motorcycle conversion

  • Face-lifting

Comprehensive motorcycle conversion

In the case of comprehensive conversion of a motorcycle, we are dealing with customization as a result of which, the motorcycle no longer resembles the original. The frame and suspension are modified, the lighting and its placement are completely changed, and so is the “body” of the motorcycle – that is, the fenders, tank and fairings. We build the seats from scratch and reshape them, and in some cases change the diameter and width of the wheels. Projects of this type take more than 4 months and are definitely more costly


in this type of customization we meticulously select the custom paint job, take care of the details, exclusive accessories and unique sound, making the motorcycle more noble and UNIQUE. Such projects usually take from a few weeks to 2-3 months to finish.

Mostly, customers have a preliminary idea of the motorcycle, and after consultations with us and based on our hitherto portfolio, they are able to see the prepared design with their minds’ eyes. Those wishing to minimize risk and uncertainty can use the visualization option.


When we finally choose the right base for conversion, we begin to work step by step, according to the following scheme:



This is where we try to get to know our customer, their tastes, likes, hobbies and preferences – so that we can create a tailor-made vehicle. In cooperation with our designers, we create a realistic image of the motorcycle of your dreams. First, several different versions are created, from which the customer chooses the one they want to refine/develop.



Once the final version of the visualization is approved, we proceed to a detailed breakdown of all the work and parts necessary to achieve the desired goal.


Signing an agreement

In order to secure and ensure the interests of both parties, we conclude a simple agreement, in which we inform about the duration of the project, establish the value of modifications, payment schedule and additionally include visuals and budget as attachments for the agreement.

We are very flexible in working with our customers, so in consultation with them we set a convenient payment schedule, no less, we expect a payment of 60% of the agreement value upon signing the agreement. The remainder of the payment is determined on an individual basis, with the last installment to be paid no later than upon receipt of the motorcycle.


Implementation of the project

Depending on the owner, we send up to date information and photos of the progress of the work or build up the tension and prepare a UNIQUE surprise.


The day of the premiere

For many people this is a special and very personal day, so if possible we try to do an official unveiling of the motorcycle in our workshop, tell about all the solutions we have used and describe step by step what modifications the motorcycle has undergone. If customers wish, they can invite their guests to the launch, and we can invite our colleagues from the press.

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