Cafe Racers

HD Sportster 1/1

Exclusive build based on SportsterS with modified:
– exhaust with 3 modes of sound
– Unikat’s crafted side plate mount
– Unikat’s crafted rear lights mount
– 3in1 jet style leds
– Motogadget front indicators and mirrors
– custom little fairing
– custom little fender
– handcrafted upholstery and leather grips
– drilled side covers of cooler and other parts
– and all the body parts painted black with carbon patterns or 1/1 patterns

Purest Cafe 1200 for SALE

This motorcycle wasn’t crafted through our usual custom order process; instead, it emerged from the collective passion of our team.

Built from the heart, this creation might just become yours!

The Purest Cafe rolled out of our workshop as a ‘zero compromise’ project, rooted in the foundation of the Triumph Bobber 1200 Black.


The modifications include:

– changed wheel diameters to 18”

– Takasago Excel rims and tubeless system

– a new seat subframe with a natural leather sofa

– the air-box removal

– K&N conical filters

– Hidden electricity components

– Hihsider 3in1 rear turn signals with stop and position

– Unikat’s side plate mount with mini LED backlight

– Unikat’s driver’s foot pegs moved to the back for a more sporty position

– Unikat’s exhaust / silencers

– Motogadget front turn signals in the ends of the handlebars

– Minimalist front mudguard with a 1/1 logo

– lowered speedometer

– lowered front lamp

– black painted details

– DiD black chain drive

– CNC machined black anodized fuel filler cap

– handcrafted leather grips with red thread

– Womet-Tech sports brake and clutch levers

– milled 1/1 logo on injection covers

More informations about this famous build at:

Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

Yamaha XJR1300 Anniversary

Triumph Thruxton Gray

Triumph Bonneville T120

The owner of this T120 is knowledgeable about mechanics as he works as a mechanic on ships (mostly gas carriers!). Filip wanted a classic, timeless design with modern craftsmanship and sporty performance.

Several modifications were made to the engine itself:

– Power Commander

– High-performance camshaft

– Sports air intake

– Exhaust and much more…

We changed the rims to tubeless, wider 18″ to fit low-profile tires. Progressive springs, K&N filter, DiD chain are additional modifications.

We painted all the silver parts black or covered them with brass. To avoid the “bling-bling” effect, we patinated the parts and hand-brushed them to achieve a retro look.

We love ideas for a quick motorcycle with a vintage design.

Be aware if you encounter it on the road!

Triumph Bonneville T111

The idea was to create a vintage-looking motorcycle based on a reliable and easy-to-handle platform. For some riders, a classic Cafe Racer with ABS and traction control is a dream come true.

Thanks to close cooperation with Triumph Poland, we maintain a 2-year warranty.

Despite fuel injection, the engine sounds like an old-school sporty Twin – our skills in designing and building mufflers are invaluable. We believe that a significant part of the joy comes from the sense of hearing.

Numerous hand-polished elements, handmade upholstery, painting, spokes, 18″ rims, and many other details make the T111 a “rolling work of art.”

We also give customers the opportunity to add their personal touch – you can collaborate with us to create a unique paint scheme, upholstery colors, and even choose the colors and shapes of seams.

We are open to your preferences regarding wheels and handlebar height as well.

The new T100 seems to be the perfect choice for most collectors, and for those who prefer more power, we can also build on the T120 platform.

We limit this series to 11 machines!

Triumph Thruxton RS Vintage

Triumph Thruxton Vintage is a tribute to classic motoring, simultaneously incorporating the advancements of modern technology.

The result is a timeless, unprecedented, reliable, safe, and incredibly fast machine.

The fortunate owner regards it as perfection.

See how the creation process unfolded in the video below:


Triumph Thruxton RS TAG

TAG, in the world of street art, is essentially the artist’s signature – it must be unique and dynamic!

This machine is challenging to categorize, and we are certain there is no motorcycle even remotely similar to it. The exclusive and sporty base of the Thruxton RS, combined with the green accents resembling graffiti with streaks, creates an unprecedented blend. Add to that the green spoke nipples and spoiler, and the mixture becomes explosive.

We were thrilled to receive the news that we would be working on a motorcycle for the ‘head of the Polish Triumph family.’ Mikołaj is one of the most experienced motorcyclists and businessmen in the industry, so he knew exactly what he wanted. Every detail and component had to be of the highest quality! The riding position was to be not too laid back, with lowered suspension and a distinctive yet not overly loud exhaust. Regarding aesthetics, Mikołaj had two guidelines – a vibrant green and the ‘Triumph’ logo resembling graffiti in the New York subway.

In this project, we could also apply the extraordinary Kineo wheels, whose unique design is tubeless and super lightweight. Additionally, they are visually striking due to the nipples and hubs in the chosen color – of course, a furious green. We also switched to rain-ready Hydenau Supermoto tires, which perform exceptionally well in all conditions. The minimized rotating mass enhances the bike’s handling, making it maneuver like a ballerina on steroids.

It’s easy to say, ‘we’ll repaint the injectors, manifolds, suspension, swingarm, and all other silver elements.’ However, modern motorcycles are so densely packed with electronics, ABS systems, and the like that accessing certain components feels like solving a Rubik’s Cube. For instance, to remove the entire exhaust on RS models, the lower swingarm must be disassembled. Sandblasting components, protecting them from painting overspray, and ensuring a perfect finish took additional days and hours. Corporations don’t paint these elements black because every imperfection is visible on this color. More than once, we had to send components back for re-sanding and painting. Details make the difference!

Our mufflers may look like cut double tubes – nothing could be further from the truth. To achieve this effect, we had to change the geometry of the manifolds, ensuring the exhaust gases don’t scorch the swingarm, and describing the sculpture over the double-walled structure of the tips is difficult to put into words.

The aftermarket LED front reflector no longer accommodates cubes and other electrical components, so we had to modify the wiring to hide them under the tank. The lamp is mounted on our own-designed bracket and specially turned ‘glasses’ for this project, so no rings are visible on the forks. Sport clip-ons required milling the upper shelf for an elegant fit. Disassembling the front shocks for black anodizing also took several productive hours. LED turn signals and mirrors of polished steel at the ends of the handlebars are additional treats on the controls. Our trademark became the hand-braided leather grips, of course with green stitching!

The rear of the motorcycle presented the most challenges. The client liked our idea with the spoiler, but from visualization to realization is a long and bumpy road. It turned out that in this model, the designers placed the computer controlling the machine right at the end of the frame – just under the passenger seat. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and safety took us some time, but the final result is uncompromising. Rebuilding the tail and reducing the passenger footrest frame forced us to disassemble the entire frame, ultimately leading to sandblasting and powder coating. We wondered if it should also be green?

Mikołaj’s green beast is equipped specifically for the rider’s weight, thanks to the Bitubo tuning suspension.

We also took care to replace the plastic brake fluid reservoir with an aesthetically pleasing aluminum one from Rizoma.

A fantastic touch (from our domestic production) is the high-quality levers from Womettech, which we could also customize.

We are particularly proud of the designer license plate holder (with a mini backlight) of our own design – soon available in our online store.

Triumph Thruxton RS Reder

“Triumph has always taken care to achieve a high-quality finish and use premium components,” says Grzegorz. “This is also the case with the new Thruxton RS. But at the same time, large factories have to optimize production, which results in some compromises when it comes to design.” Aesthetically the Unikat team agreed the use of silver on the RS detracted from its exclusive feel. So pulling back on the amount seen on each bike would be the first styling challenge. Next was replacing the ungainly plastic turn signals. And thirdly finding an alternative to the oversized tail lamp.”

Whole story at:

Power of Three – Unikat Thruxton RS

Triumph Thruxton Golden

“Each owner had their own idea of ​​the perfect Thruxton RS and each had their own list of preferences. One wanted his bike to look aggressive; ‘The motorcycle must be matte black with red accents.’ Another focused on sporty elegance – ‘glossy metallic deep black combined with golden elements!’ and both opted for amazing tubeless and super light Kineo wheels. The ability to stipulate the spoke nipple and hub colours also allowed for additional personalisation. Hidenau Supermoto K73 tires add all-round performance improvements and the whole set up results in a significant reduction in rotating mass.”

Read the whole story at:

Power of Three – Unikat Thruxton RS

or watch the movie:

Moto Guzzi V7 Diamond

Moto Guzzi V7 Diamond

Kawasaki W650 Jo_One

Kawasaki W650 Jo_One

Honda CBX750

Honda CBX750

Honda CB550 Sport Leicht

Honda CB550 Sport Leicht

Honda CB550 Patina

Honda CB550 Patina

Ducati GT 750SS 1974

After two weeks of tedious and thorough analysis of examples of each model from around the world, we found a near-perfect Ducati GT750 for the right price. When Rafał said: ‘Yes, let’s buy it!” we wasted no time carrying out the transaction and arranging transportation of the motorcycle to Poland. When the bike finally arrived and the courier unloaded it from his van we watched nervously from fear that it would be damaged, but it made the journey unscathed. Closing the Unikat workshop that night, Grzesiek probably used all of the chains and locks we had to keep the precious Ducati safe.

“Why those two bikes you ask? Well, the GT750 was the Italian’s prototype of their 90-degree V-twin engine format and was the basis for the legendary race bike of Paul Smart which won the 1972 Imola 200. The second model, the Ducati 750SS was built to commemorate this remarkable race track victory.

Read the whole story at:

Reversible Replica – Unikat Ducati GT750

BMW x Porsche = UNIKAT

Nutmeg Brown Metallic is an iconic Porsche color.

Michał, already a friendly client of ours,was determined from the beginning. We added golden accents to enhance and energize this paint job. Additionally, we suggested the inclusion of a ‘plow’ type tuning fairing, which contributes to a sporty character.

The next stages of the project involve stitching the upholstery à la Lamborghini, installing leather grips, adjustable levers, LED lighting, and transforming ALL silver elements to black.

An exceptionally lightweight and great-sounding exhaust from the Italian manufacturer ZARD, of which we are the importer, plays a significant role.

For more details and specifications of this beautiful machine, feel free to contact us via email.

BMW R Nine T Cafe

BMW R Nine T Cafe

Yamaha XJR 1300

Tomek is an experienced motorcyclist. The 1999 XJR1300 isn’t the owner’s first venture into customization. The client came with a wealth of references, and the design process took some time. All parts were to be top-tier, with no compromises in the minimalist project.

We modified the motorcycle in the following ways:

– Rear frame section and seat construction, as well as shock mountings

 – Engine mechanics (new piston rings, modified cylinder heads, and a Stage 3 Dynojet kit for four Mikuni carburetors)

– K&N cone filters

– New exhaust system with handmade mufflers

– Replaced drivetrain components, including a black DID “ZVM-X” chain

– Upgraded suspension (adapted from Yamaha YZF-R1)

– Custom-built Bitubo shocks to Unikat specifications

– 17-inch tubeless Kineo rims, 3.50 in the front and 6.00 in the rear, with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC V3 tires

– New cafe racer-style seat, upholstered in Alcantara

– Electrical components relocated under the seat

– LED taillights mounted in the auxiliary rear frame section

– Front turn signals placed at the end of the handlebars

– Motogadget Motoscope speedometer

– Fuel filler cap from the Polish company Womet-Tech

– Sport clip-on handlebars, finished by Unikat with leather grips stitched in blue thread

All parts were cleaned and then powder-coated, anodized, or zinc-plated in black.

Watch the moment when Tomek saw our collaborative work for the first time

Honda CB900C 1981 Cafe

We bought the Honda CB 900 C in 2014 because we wanted to build a classic and powerful Cafe Racer. We were a bit apprehensive about this unusual construction, partly due to the double 10-speed gearbox. However, its year of manufacture, synonymous with the birth of the founder of the UNIKAT company, told us that it was destiny…

After nearly five years of work, we performed, among other things:

– Hand-polished aluminum parts

– Relocating the battery under the swingarm

– Reducing the bike’s weight by removing many factory elements

– Converting the wheels from Honda Comstar to spoked wheels on Takasago rims

– 17-inch Metzeler tires

– New painting with accents

– Hand-braided leather grips

– Dynojet Stage III jets

– Leather upholstery for the seat

– MotoGadget front turn signals at the end of the handlebars

– Rear turn signals hidden in the seat cover

– Integrated brake light with license plate illumination

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