Ducati GT 750SS 1974

After two weeks of tedious and thorough analysis of examples of each model from around the world, we found a near-perfect Ducati GT750 for the right price. When Rafał said: ‘Yes, let’s buy it!” we wasted no time carrying out the transaction and arranging transportation of the motorcycle to Poland. When the bike finally arrived and the courier unloaded it from his van we watched nervously from fear that it would be damaged, but it made the journey unscathed. Closing the Unikat workshop that night, Grzesiek probably used all of the chains and locks we had to keep the precious Ducati safe.

“Why those two bikes you ask? Well, the GT750 was the Italian’s prototype of their 90-degree V-twin engine format and was the basis for the legendary race bike of Paul Smart which won the 1972 Imola 200. The second model, the Ducati 750SS was built to commemorate this remarkable race track victory.

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Reversible Replica – Unikat Ducati GT750

Ducati Scrambler 800

Our client, returning to his passion for motorcycling, searched for his style for a long time. The choice fell on the brand new Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled. However, the serial version did not meet Tomasz’s expectations, so he came to us to personalize his motorcycle in a unique style.

Scope of modification:

– Zard exhaust system

– collectors covered with black ceramics

– new aluminum front fender

– we reduced the rear fender tail

– new side panels

– side plate mounting

– MotoGadget Disc turn signals

– UNIKAT’s varnishing

– black rear shock spring

– all aluminum and silver elements painted black

– new seat, upholstered with Alcantara

– hand-braided leather grips

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