Speedway Godden

We met Zbyszek (not) by chance during a tennis tournament and after a while of talking we were silenced when we started to get excited about the conversation. He told me about the speedway team he sponsors and about his wife who got a speedway tattoo on her forearm. When it turned out that Betty Rose’s birthday was coming soon, we shook hands with a teaser for an unprecedented joint project.

Soon after, we hunted down a cult base – a classic speedway moto from Godden Engineering – a company that was founded by the European speedway champion in the 70s. The standing engine (as opposed to the currently used lying ones) and the “old school” body, i.e. fenders, covers, etc., deserve attention.

The motorcycle has been completely restored, and we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t add UNIQUE character to it.

The scope of work includes:
– glas blasting the engine and mirror polishing of the aluminum lids, mount plates and more,
– powder coating of the frame (which is also the oil tank) and the swingarm and front suspension,
– carburettor glas blasting,
– handcrafting a unique air filter,
– the wheels have been comprehensively restored – gained new spokes and nipples, we polished the rims and hubs,
– new gas and clutch cables,
– the tank has been glazed and has traces of use, which reminds of the history of the motorcycle,

– we made a new cap with a milled 1/1 logo
– new exhaust system made of stainless steel,
– all bolts, nuts and axles have been glass-blasted and newly galvanised,
– new UNIKAT’s paint job of fenders and covers
– leather seat upholstery and hand-braided shifters.

I wish I had a husband offering such a gifts to me 🙂

3Lancer 300

And here is the remedy for boredom, traffic jams, expensive gasoline and lack of motorcycle license.

300cc, 24HP, ABS, traction control (can be turned off)

will deliver you quickly, safely and with a smile on your face.

The sports custom exhaust and air filter add character and power.

Leather upholstery with stitching of your choice,

polished steel mirrors and other personalized details

make this machine as unique as its owner. 


Harley-Davidson P.G.

 It was true pleasure and challenge to work on this one.

Please take a look at the original donor bike – HD Sportster XL883 Low 2006 to notice how deeply different is this one by UNIKAT Motorworks.

We made a lot of structural modifications related to the use of high shock absorbers, which completely changed the geometry of the motorcycle – the position of the swing arm and motorcycle drive.

Beyond that we managed:

– spoked, custom made wheels (rear 18 inches, front 19 inches)

– Dunlop flat track tires,

– shortened front fender,

– wider and lower handlebars,

– leather, hand-crafted grips,

– mo.blaze disck front turn signals from Motogadget,

– classic, old-school Highsider mirrors,

– LED lamp insert,

– relocation of the speedometer mount and controls,

– Arlen Ness accessory air filter,

– new handcrafted (in-house) motorcycle frame end loop,

– new seat made from scratch and upholstered (covered with alcantara),

– Ohlins rear suspension 39 cm long,

– rear, minimalistic fender,

– Bates Style LED rear lighting,

– Kellermann Atto rear turn signals,

– side license plate mount,

– new, unique blue paint with subtle copper details.

For more write us via

Yamaha TmaXXX 560

Angelos fell in love with our previous vision of the iconic Tmax.

However, he wanted his machine to have ABS, traction control and more power.

So we bought the latest model straight from the showroom and started the 6-month construction process.

The effects are truly unique and customer’s satisfaction is indescribable.

Handcrafted 560ccm of pure fun and style!

Triumph Bonneville ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE of the sun is the magic moment

as rare as this amazing machine.

Paweł loves black but wanted a bit of exclusive golden details.

For the look and handling we’ve re-spoked the front wheel for 17″ rim. So finally we could fit the great Hindenau Supermoto Rain tires that perform well on all surfaces.

In addition, we rebuilt the end of the frame, the seat, fenders.

We installed 3in1 LED lighting as well as mirrors and indicators in the lowered steering wheel.

The custom silencers and exhaust gives more power and bassy sound.

We took several days to instal CNC machined buttons, levelers and Motogadget Mini Speedometer.

CNC machined fuel cap, fluid reservuar and levelers are just nother cherries on top.

To sum up, the motorcycle is a factory of adrenaline and head turner. As unique as its owner!

Triumph Thruxton RS TAG

 Building Triumph Thruxton RS TAG was one of the greatest adventures and pleasures.

The client (also a friend of our workshop)

is, in my opinion the most experienced businessman in Polish motorcycle industrie.

Mikołaj give us a lot of trust and brand new Thruxton RS

from his Triumph dealership shop.

His reference was:

“I want it mean green and eyes catchy!

And I want those amazing tubeless spoke wheels on top”.

The most important thing was that the sound of this motorcycle should be as distinctive as the driving characteristics.

I’m not a fan of loud exhausts but the engine clang must have “that thing”. Our mufflers look like trimmed double tubes – nothing could be further from the truth. In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to change the geometry of the exhaust pipes so that the gases do not heat the swing-arm.

It’s easy to say “we’ll repaint the injectors, manifolds, suspension, swing-arm and all the other silver parts.” However, modern motorcycles are so densely packed with electronics, ABS, etc., that access to certain elements often resembles putting together a Rubik’s cube.

The aftermarket LED headlight has no space for electric cubes, etc. so we had to modify the beam and wiring to hide them under the tank. The lamp is mounted on the handle of our construction and specially turned “pipes” for this project so that the lags do not show rings. Sports clip-ons required milling the top triple-clamp to make everything elegantly fit.

Dismantling the front shock absorbers to black anodize also takes a few nice man hours.

LED indicators and mirrors made of polished steel in the ends of the steering wheel are other flavors on the steering wheel. Hand-woven leather with threads in the color of the upholstery have become our hallmark. And cleanse with the green thread!

The back of the bike gave us the most trouble. The client liked our idea with a spoiler, but it is a long and bumpy road from visualization to implementation. It turned out that in this model the designers placed the computer controlling the machine at the very end of the frame – right under the passenger seat. The combination of aesthetics, functionality and safety took us a while, but the final effect is uncompromising. Reconstruction of the tail of the frame, reduction of the passenger footrest frame forced us to remove the whole frame, sand blast it  and powder coat it.

We also took care of replacing the plastic tank of the brake fluid with the aesthetic aluminum one from Rizoma.

A great accent (of our domestic -Polish production) are the quality levers by Womettech, which we could also personalize.

I am particularly proud of the designer license plate holder (with mini LED backlight) of our own design – available soon in our online store.

TAG is an autograph of street artists.

One of a kind hand craft!

Kawasaki W650 Jo_One

Kawasaki W650 Jo_One

BMW R100 Retromod

This BMW R100 looks like it came that way from the factory but several changes applied.

From the fender to speedometer and seat, exhaust, mirrors, turn signals with braking system straight form new BMW GS series.

For more detailed informations contact us via mail.

KTM Enduro 690 R

60 hours of development, 3 trials and around 480 hours spent on rebuilding the bike. That’s the amount of work that was needed to make this unique and unprecedented motorcycle for Dariusz. It all started with the desire to transform a typical enduro bike into an urban corner eater.

Below is a list of modifications made:

– a fuel tank built from scratch, which is a sub-frame of the motorcycle

– hand-made side covers, lamp fairing, modified skid plate and front fender

– manual brushing of all aluminum elements

– license plate holder

– new design of the sofa, upholstered with natural leather

– hand braided leather grips,-polished and chrome elements: swingarm, engine covers, steering wheel, brake and clutch levers, driver’s footrests

– interlaced front wheel for 18″ Takasago rim

– Ixil muffler

– K&N air filter,- rear lighting 3 in 1 from motogadget

– front turn signals from motogadget

– varnishing imitating brushed varnish and chrome

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Yamaha TmaxxX

Maciek, after thirty years of riding motorcycles, switched to a maxi scooter. It is much easier to get around Warsaw, where he lives, by scooter. The owner wanted his T-max to look unprecedented!

In the scooter we have made, among others:

– a motorcycle completely stripped of all plastic fairings and their mounts, a new construction of the subframe with steel mesh panels under which there is a new fuel tank, rear LED lighting, as well as a battery

– electronic speedometer from motogadget

– proximity station

– front LED lighting and additional daytime running lights

– fairing from the BMW C400 motorcycle

– completely modified electric harness

– Malossi sports air filter

– UNIQUE exhaust system

– leather seat and hand braided shifters

– minimalist front and rear fender

– side mounting of the license plate

– graphite satin semi-matt varnish and brown leather details create a perfect warm contrast

– the gold fuel filler cap (also made in our workshop) is the icing on the cake- the logo was designed by the artist MAUKO, who specializes in Japanese calligraphy. The TmaxxX logotype reflects dynamism, craftsmanship and Japanese perfection.

More infos and story at:

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