3Lancer 300

And here is the remedy for boredom, city traffic jams, expensive fuel, and the lack of a motorcycle license.

300cc, 24HP, ABS, traction control (which can be turned off) will take you quickly, safely, and with a smile on your face.

The sporty exhaust and air filter add character and power.

Leather upholstery with stitching of your choice,

mirrors of polished steel, and other personalized details

make this machine as unique as its owner.


Yamaha TmaXXX 560

Angelos fell in love with our vision of the iconic Tmax.

However, he wanted his machine to have ABS, traction control, and a larger capacity. So, we bought the latest model straight from the showroom and embarked on a 6-month building process.

The results are truly one-of-a-kind, and the customer’s satisfaction is beyond description!

Handcrafted 560ccm of pure fun and style!

Yamaha TmaxxX

Maciek, after thirty years of riding motorcycles, switched to a maxi scooter. It is much easier to get around Warsaw, where he lives, by scooter. The owner wanted his T-max to look unprecedented!

In the scooter we have made, among others:

– a motorcycle completely stripped of all plastic fairings and their mounts, a new construction of the subframe with steel mesh panels under which there is a new fuel tank, rear LED lighting, as well as a battery

– electronic speedometer from motogadget

– proximity station

– front LED lighting and additional daytime running lights

– fairing from the BMW C400 motorcycle

– completely modified electric harness

– Malossi sports air filter

– UNIQUE exhaust system

– leather seat and hand braided shifters

– minimalist front and rear fender

– side mounting of the license plate

– graphite satin semi-matt varnish and brown leather details create a perfect warm contrast

– the gold fuel filler cap (also made in our workshop) is the icing on the cake- the logo was designed by the artist MAUKO, who specializes in Japanese calligraphy. The TmaxxX logotype reflects dynamism, craftsmanship and Japanese perfection.

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