Harley-Davidson P.G.

 It was true pleasure and challenge to work on this one.

Please take a look at the original donor bike – HD Sportster XL883 Low 2006 to notice how deeply different is this one by UNIKAT Motorworks.

We made a lot of structural modifications related to the use of high shock absorbers, which completely changed the geometry of the motorcycle – the position of the swing arm and motorcycle drive.

Beyond that we managed:

– spoked, custom made wheels (rear 18 inches, front 19 inches)

– Dunlop flat track tires,

– shortened front fender,

– wider and lower handlebars,

– leather, hand-crafted grips,

– mo.blaze disck front turn signals from Motogadget,

– classic, old-school Highsider mirrors,

– LED lamp insert,

– relocation of the speedometer mount and controls,

– Arlen Ness accessory air filter,

– new handcrafted (in-house) motorcycle frame end loop,

– new seat made from scratch and upholstered (covered with alcantara),

– Ohlins rear suspension 39 cm long,

– rear, minimalistic fender,

– Bates Style LED rear lighting,

– Kellermann Atto rear turn signals,

– side license plate mount,

– new, unique blue paint with subtle copper details.

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Bonneville T144 SCMBR

Timeless, functional, comfortable, multi-tasking…

This scrambler, based on the Bonneville T100, has all the features of a perfect bike.

Add to this the reliability of Triumph and personalized details that we will prepare especially for you and we have a real UNIKAT. As unique as its owner, who was ready to make his dreams come true and dedicated himself such a great gift for his 44th birthday. Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration! This is how you should live – wind in your hair and a smile on your face.

I had the pleasure of testing this 1of1
beast in the rainy autumn day and returned from the fields
dirty but happy. It is well known that wind exposure does well.

It’s a pity I had no chance to ride under a nice cafes to show off 😉

We have been pampering the shades of navy blue and browns for some  time.
Same with gold accessories – all to make this machine perfect whole . Satin
paint adds an exclusive chic without any “bling-bling” effects.

 For the full specification of the modification, write to

Triumph Street Twin LARANJA

LARANJA is Spanish for Orange.

This vital color is not a frequent choice of our customers, so when Marcin described his preferences in this way, I was both: surprised and intrigued.

The owner of the motorcycle knew what he wanted from the beginning. He bought a new machine in a dilership in Poznań and ordered it to be sent to Unikat. We like to work on bikes with low (or zero) mileage because nothing needs to be repaired or refreshed – we can take care of the pure design.

To our joy, Marcin had the budget and time to wait for the best and lightest spoke wheels, which are built for us by a specialized manufacture in Italy. In addition to the tubeless design, we can choose the width and color of the rims, nipples, spokes and hubs. We deliberately ordered 2 x 17″ to make the bike easier to ride and to fit the great Hindenau Supermoto Rain tires that perform well on all surfaces.

In addition, we rebuilt the end of the frame, the seat, fenders…

We installed 3in1 LED lighting as well as mirrors and indicators in the lowered steering bar.

The silencers built by us enjoy a bassy but not too loud sound.

To sum up, the motorcycle is a factory of adrenaline and fun in everyday and tourist use.

As unique as its owner!

Triumph Bonneville LOTTEN

Classical, timeless and comfortable design

brings joy and unlimited joy. Such a project might be your daily rider as well as long journeys friend. Based on very reliable donor  – Triumph Bonneville this scrambler will made your days happier

Triumph T100 EGO

EGO11, a LIMITED SERIES OF 11 PIECES BASED ON BRAND NEW T100s, was created as a result of cooperation between Triumph Polska and UNIKAT Motorworks.
The EGO11 is the perfect combination of muscular SCRAMBLER styling with modern technology and reliability. This unprecedented motorcycle was designed and built by the UNIKAT studio, combining the classic beauty of hand-made components with the amenities of ABS and a two-year warranty. The work lasted over 3 months, as a result of which the motorcycle is characterized by:
– Rebuilt Frame End with Built-in LED Lighting
– Hand Sewn Natural Leather Upholstery and Shifters in Any Color
– Custom Lamp on a Unique Handle (FULL LED Option possible)
– MOTOGADGET Anodized Aluminum Mirrors
– Unique steering wheel and license plate mount.
– Rebuilt front fender and Tires Matched to the Customer’s Preferences
– Aluminum Milled Fuel Filler Cap
– Black Suspension Parts
– Reduced Clocks
– Custom Minimalist LED Turn Signals
– Tuning Matt Mufflers type MEGATON
– Customized Tank and Fairing Paint
– Exclusive Extras According to the Customer’s Request
The presented copy is the first of eleven pieces and ready to drive. Subsequent copies will be built for individual orders, so it is possible to personalize details (upholstery stitching, engravings, tires, etc.) and choose colors of varnish, upholstery or threads included in the price.

Triumph Bonneville ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE of the sun is the magic moment

as rare as this amazing machine.

Paweł loves black but wanted a bit of exclusive golden details.

For the look and handling we’ve re-spoked the front wheel for 17″ rim. So finally we could fit the great Hindenau Supermoto Rain tires that perform well on all surfaces.

In addition, we rebuilt the end of the frame, the seat, fenders.

We installed 3in1 LED lighting as well as mirrors and indicators in the lowered steering wheel.

The custom silencers and exhaust gives more power and bassy sound.

We took several days to instal CNC machined buttons, levelers and Motogadget Mini Speedometer.

CNC machined fuel cap, fluid reservuar and levelers are just nother cherries on top.

To sum up, the motorcycle is a factory of adrenaline and head turner. As unique as its owner!

Triumph MClaren

Triumph MClaren

KTM Enduro 690 R

60 hours of development, 3 trials and around 480 hours spent on rebuilding the bike. That’s the amount of work that was needed to make this unique and unprecedented motorcycle for Dariusz. It all started with the desire to transform a typical enduro bike into an urban corner eater.

Below is a list of modifications made:

– a fuel tank built from scratch, which is a sub-frame of the motorcycle

– hand-made side covers, lamp fairing, modified skid plate and front fender

– manual brushing of all aluminum elements

– license plate holder

– new design of the sofa, upholstered with natural leather

– hand braided leather grips,-polished and chrome elements: swingarm, engine covers, steering wheel, brake and clutch levers, driver’s footrests

– interlaced front wheel for 18″ Takasago rim

– Ixil muffler

– K&N air filter,- rear lighting 3 in 1 from motogadget

– front turn signals from motogadget

– varnishing imitating brushed varnish and chrome

More at:

Scrambler 1200 TANK

Dominik came to us with this extraordinary motorcycle as he wanted to improve performance and appearance of his SCMB 1200.

Because Dominik is a unique person, instead of buying the available Triumph’s  Bond 007 edition, he decided to personalize his in even better way.

Just to mention the most important changes:

– custom exhaust by Italian Zard

– custom tubeless wheels from Italian manufacture Kineo

– UNIKAT’S painting job, including black painted aluminum parts

– leather seat upholstery

– led lighting (front: MotoGadget, rear: integrated led strip with indicators)

– side plate mounting by Unikat (available by mail)

– relocated front fender and many more.

Listen to this amazing sound on the video:

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